Pet Care Learning Classes

Let’s learn how to care for your dog at home.
Experienced dog groomer will advise you the proper and practical way of dog care.
We currently offer two courses:
- Basic course / small to mid size dog
- Toy Poodle course
Date: TBD (Wednesday afternoon)
Capacity : Limited to 2 – 3 people
Fees: Depends on the class. Please kindly contact us.

Are you using the right amount of shampoo?

Do you know dog skin is 1/6 thinner than human skin? Let’s learn how to brush your dog tenderly and how you find the fleas and acariasis.

Does your dog enjoy brushing teeth? We can show you the tips to brush teeth without causing stress to your dog.

Has your dog ever had unexpected spots or brush in the ears? Daily care can help prevent such problems.
Process of petcare courses
Please put your name on the list.
Once we schedule the date and time of the course, we will inform you by phone or E-mail.
We will ask your concern and interest of your dog before starting the course.
Basic course for small and mid size dog
Lesson 1: Counseling, Nail clipping, Ear cleaning and Teeth Brushing
Lesson 2: Shampoo and Express Anal Glands
(Toy poodle course)
Lesson 1: Counseling, Nail cutting, Ear cleaning, Teeth Brushing and Hair brushing
Lesson 2: Shampoo, Hair brushing and Ear Care after Shampoo