Herb Pack

What is Herbal Wrap?
Our Herbal Wrap product, with green tea extract, is made with 100% organic ingredients which are certified by world renowned organic organization such as JAS, Ecocert and USDA.
Feel Beautiful from Inside & Out
This herbal ingredients are effective to keep your dog’s skin healthy and clean. It will remove dirt and the germ which cannot be done by regular Shampoo. The herbs we use in the course are carefully chosen and it will keep the coats silky soft and moisturize the skin, and also prevent tangled pair and static electricity.
The fur will stay soft for a very long time. It depends on the dog, and it will normally last 2 to 4 weeks. If your dog continues to use it, the skin of your dog will become better and better. This provides both skin and beauty care at the same time. Sopra Ginza Singapore, a professional groomer, is proud to introduce the holistic grooming to your precious family member, and hope many dog will enjoy the benefits.
※Holistic grooming is the practice of grooming your pet in a stress free environment in order to provide optimal health for both body and mind. It is safe and natural way to look after your dog’s skin and coat.

Remarkable effects- published in a journal of Veterinarian Science
Veterinarians had announced that the surprising effectiveness of the Ayurveda treatment for animals to help cure skin diseases. There are many veterinarians who normally offer western medicine are introducing ayurvedic medicine. It is a very safe and helps your dog stay healthy with no side effects.
※In case your dog is allergic to plants, it may cause blushing temporarily.

Carefully selected herbs that are certificated by world renowned organic organizations.
This herbal pack contains organic herbs (100% natural ingredients), which are free from agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers that were grown in the selected farms in India. The ingredients are also recognized by wide accredited organizations such as JAS in Japan and ECOCERT in EU.
Why you’ll love it
  • Skin care (dandruff, oily skin, hair loss, blushed skin, itchiness, spots)
  • Prevent the spread of germs
  • Insect repellent
  • Hair care (hair balls, ultraviolet, fluffy hair)
  • Some cases with herbal pack were reported in a journal of Japanese Society of Traditional Veterinary