Quatro SPA

What is Quatro Spa?
Quatro System is a high-end and quality multifunctional skincare machine, which is developed by veterinary specialists in Japan who are specialized in skin disease. By introducing this system, SOPRA is proud to provide four treatment plans for your dogs.
*One Spa Course comes with a free teeth brushing for your dog.
* Only applicable in Singapore Sopra shop.
It is a bubble bath that applies the “state of the art” nantechnology (one billion/liter). Infusing water with ozone, it gives more gentle touch and more benefits to your dog than using regular micro bubble bath.
It is a shower bath with ozone-infused water which is safe & well-maintained. This helps remove bacteria, odor, and promote rejuvenating damaged skin and fur. Ozone-infused water is used to wash our supplies too.
A high pressure shower and jet bath with ozone-infused nano bubble water work all range dog treatments deep into your dog coat and helps to massage the skin. Some veterinary specialists say that this is the gentlest way to wash a dog, which skin is 1/6 thinner than human skin. It also helps improve blood circulation and promote joint relief massage.
What are the benefits of using Quatro System?
  • Reduces Oiliness and helps promote smooth skin and fur.
  • Removes the odor of your pets.
  • Revitalizes the skin by increasing the cell turnover and helps improve the skin and prevent eczema.
  • Helps increase the cell turnover, especially for the dogs/senior dogs who suffer from malasseziosis,
    canine seborrhea and eczema.
  • Prevents proteins being released and cuticles being peeled.