A la Carte
Hair Dyeing
There are various colors available only at our store to choose for your dog. We are confident in providing many type of designs and body painting that cause no harms to your dog skin.
Dental Care
Your dog has problem with bad breath, plaque, tartar that can not be cured only by using toothpaste? Come to Sopra for a special treatment and follow our instructions, those matters will no longer exist.
Price list for A la Carte
Nail Clipping $10
Ear Cleaning $5
Shaving Pads $5
Feet Trim $8
Express anal glands + Clipping Anal area $5
Tooth Brushing $5
Dental Care $50 onwards
Shaving Toes $10
Clipping around Face $15
De-matting $10 onwards
Nail smoothening $7
Hair Dyeing $40
Tatoo $40
Additional Charge for Director’s cut $8