Grooming Process
First step is making a reservation with us via phone, e-mail, SMS, Whats APP or LINE.
We highly recommend scheduling appointments in advance, although we welcome walk-in guests and will do our best to accommodate last minute appointments by phone.
Please check the location map on Salon Information. We are looking forward to your visit.
Please fill out the pet information form to share with us about your dog. We’ll be happy to give you advice for any concerns you may have, such as skin problems or heath conditions of your dog.
Our open space allows you to see your dog while he/she enjoys grooming.
After grooming, we will take a photo of your dog, and put it in your Sopra Diary. We will also write about your loved one’s skin condition in your Sopra Diary. (A photo of your dog can be added.)
If you are not satisfied with the haircut of your dog, don’t be shy to share with us before you leave. We’ll try our best to make it right.
We will call you once your dog is ready to be picked up. Your dog can stay until closing time with no additional fee, if necessary.