Sopra Ginza would like to create a safe, relaxing and stress-free environment for you and your pet. We provide a healthy and happy cage free daycare so that your dog will enjoy socializing and playing with other friends.

You can check-in on your furry family member by watching our webcam from your smartphone whenever you want. We can also send you a photo of your pet to your HP Email, if requested.

Using ozonated water purifies our facility air environment. We use ozonated water not only in our Quatro Spa courses, but also to cleanse and sterilize supplies and wash hands before the treatments of your dog.

Sopra Ginza Singapore offers cage free dog care, in our spacious store in the center of Singapore. We separate dogs and split into three areas, based on the size and gender. You can request your preferred area for your dog.

Your dog will be supervised by our highly qualified dog trainers, who can help your dog make new friends.
Because we care about you, your pets and all of our guests
  • We may decline if your pets are in season or due to come in season.
  • Please bring the last and relevant vaccination certifications of your pet, such as combination vaccine, rabies.
  • We may refuse if your dog shows signs of illness, or suffers with fleas, ticks, warms or acariasis.
  • We may refuse if your dog is aggressive or has a bite habit.
  • Please sign the Terms of Condition prior to admittance to our dog care.
Price list
1) Large per day $50
2) Medium-Small per day $40
3) Large, half day/4 hours $25
4) Medium-Small, half day/4 hours $20
Short stay per hour $8
Check in 10am (weekday), 10am (week end)
Check out 7pm(weekday), 8pm (week end)
Early check-in and late check-out , 10$ per hour